Ellen Stafford (chicaboo25) wrote in bath_uk,
Ellen Stafford

Calling all residents of Bath

I don't know if any of you have read in the Bath Chronicle about the plans to build a horrible disgusting block of flats in Upper Oldfield Park.....

I just wanted to point you to this site: http://www.junction-rd-residents.org.uk/ As residents of Bath or even visitors to this World Heritage site I feel we need to make a stand against developments such as these. Bath is a very historical place and as I have lived here all my life I am proud of most of the city (apart from places like Merchants Passage, Odeon Cinema etc). It is being ruined.

This project is also very personal to me because this house they are planning to demolish used to belong to my Nan. Her husband George Glisson owned and lived in this house pretty much until he passed away. He loved this house and garden so much, his sisters also lived and died in this house. Some people say it is only a building but to myself and my family it is more than that it is part of our history. Uncle George even had his ashes scattered in this garden. My Nan sold the house and moved to Devon two years ago due to the fact that the house got too big for a lady of 70+. She is deeply upset that the lady that bought the house and praised the house and its history can think that people want to see it pulled down for this vile building.

I am just going to leave you with this...

How can they want to get rid of this.....(overhead view of Oakford)

And replace it with this (front view of proposed building)

I am disgusted...

Thanks for reading....
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